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...ike this?

[The video cuts on to show a pair of red eyes in a furry brown face staring very closely at the D-comm. The angle then goes lopsided as he tilts it a bit, obviously not fully positive if he's using it right. Watching technology be used from across time, doesn't make you good at it...]

It's on now right? Can anyone hear me? If you can, my name is Sirus and I've just arrived here...somewhere.

[He soon shifts it to one hand to hold it up, the other picking up a Digiegg sitting at his feet.]

I'm not sure where, but there was this device and an odd egg here. I don't know anything about eggs, but leaving it here felt wrong.
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Hello every pony! ...Oh no that’s not quite right, not everyone here is a pony! Hmm...there must be something totally inclusive... Aha!

Hello everyone! There! Much better!

For those I have yet to meet I’m Rarity, a unicorn from Equestria. Now, back home I run a business and I make the most fabulous dresses and gowns for ponies, and I love doing it! I would love to set up my own business here until the time which this...tree god... allows us to return home. Of course, there is an issue here. Most of the creatures that live here, whether they’re from this place or from another, are shaped much differently than any pony I’ve seen and as such garments must be cut and created very differently. So, I’ve found a wonderful solution! I make you a dress, shirt, jacket, whatever garment you wish, and I get practice sewing for these new shapes of bodies! Of course I would feel absolutely dreadful charging while I’m still learning, so all the work I do will be done for free! I will of course have to charge for materials, but I know we can figure something out that works for every pony’s ...I’m terribly sorry, habit ... Everyones budget.

Now, who would love a wonderful new outfit? Come now, don’t be shy...

[OOC: Al and I have agreed to offscreen Big Mac bringing Rarity to Tetha. I'm extremely busy with con stuff so replies will be slow, but I'll try and do what I can.]
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I have been so busy lately, it escaped me to ask this. However, my partner was rather distressed about something after the battle with Chaosmon.

Would anyone who had a Duftmon like to speak up?

Wormmon did not enjoy being randomly groped in the midst of battle when she was Lotusmon.

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Feb. 15th, 2012 03:27 pm
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- the hell happened to the D-Comm?

I don't see your D-Reader anywhere either...

Hn. This is Daimon Suguru, and I've found myself somehow transported to Goc Desert. Any DATS agents who can see this, please report in.

.. Wait a minute. That can't be right.

Can anyone verify what day it is?!



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