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[The sun is rising over Neon City and Apollo is sitting on the edge of the roof above the Hyperion's main entrance, looking a little down. Suddenly, he starts to sing.]
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[It turns out he's a good singer, so long as the virus is around to bring out his natural talent.]

Huh? Why'd I just sing that?
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[The camera comes on crookedly as it hits the ground, showing a frantically struggling and squeaking mouse being held up to Apollo's face in both fists. He grins.]


[The mouse's squeaking and struggling abruptly ends when Apollo bites its head off. There's the faint sound of crunching bones as he stuffs the rest of it into his mouth with both hands, finally slurping up the tail like a noodle before licking his lips contentedly. He starts to bound off on all fours, then stops, pats a pocket, and returns for his D-Comm. The feed ends.]
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So has anyone heard about the relief effort for the Draco Island survivors? I think we should all contribute... DATS or otherwise.

Anyone have any ideas for things we could do to raise BITs? I mean, we could all just donate a little individually, but a group effort would still be a great idea.
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-looks like it's on. I guess we'll find out if he answers. I'll look at the instructions again after you're done.

[The camera comes on to show Baron poking at the D-Comm, then moves around to show Apollo with a few small bandages on his face and arms. He's definitely down about something and trying to hide it. The camera swings around, showing a living room, before coming to rest sideways showing some of Apollo's hair and a wall. It seems like they don't realize that the D-Comm is on video instead of audio.]

Here's your cannon back. It got broken in the fight but it's fixed itself now.

[Attached: Nitro Stinger]

...You survived that, right? [His voice says that he's hoping for a "yes".]

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