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Sooooo... Sulfur Butt [That's Bowser] or Metal or whoever is in charge now.

We actually gonna do anything or just let all the good guys beat each other up or something?

[A pause then.] Cause I am really hoping we're gonna do something, cause I'm getting bored.
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Well hello there, my singing, dancing robot friends.

Have you noticed something missing ever since the end of the world?

Oh, and let's be get one thing out of the way right now... If news of this leaves the extended family? The offer I'm about to make will go off the table, out the window, and some place FAR less polite than this.
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[The camera comes on to show an enormous man standing with his red cloak around his body, the Net Ocean stretching out in the background and nothing other than the waves and the horizon to focus on besides him. He looks even taller than he is since whoever is holding the camera is so much shorter than him and has to point the camera up slightly to get his face in the shot along with the rest of his body. The man spreads his arms, his cloak billowing for an instant before it comes to rest behind his shoulders, revealing ancient Greek armor beneath. When he speaks, it's in a voice that doesn't need a microphone to be heard clearly over the roar of the waves.]

Everyone! Cease what you are doing and listen to the words of the king!

[He lowers his arms and his cloak slips forward to cover them again.]

I am Iskandar, King of Conquerors! Those who come from my world may know me better as "Alexander the Great". In this world I am of the Xros Tamer class, and I wish to make a proposition. [He looks directly at you. Yes, you watching this video, whoever and wherever you are, he's looking at you specifically. He spreads his arms in the air again and clenches his fists.] What do you say to joining my army? Together, we shall share the joy of conquering this world, trampling the Demon Kings and all who oppose us beneath our feet! [A huge grin.] What say you?
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Hey hey hey! Name's PicoDevimon, and I figured it's time I came out of the woodwork.

To those three girls and, IDK, their mom or something Dark Precure and I fought... I have to admit, you and your partners did a pretty good job.

Not good enough though.

To everyone else, who feels like causing some trouble? I'm anxious and I want to see some people scream!

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