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I take it from the fact that I've awoken to the sterile white of a hospital room, with far too many devices hooked up to me, that we beat Chaosmon?
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H... hey um.


I woke up and it's way later than it should be and Espio isn't in the office but neither is the guy with the hat whose name I can't say or Philip and and and...


I can't run the agency all by myself, and Saffron can't do it all by herself either!

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I'm very glad to say I've finally been given a clean bill of health and let go from the DATS Medical Ward.

I've got an awful lot to catch up on, now!

However, I wanted to thank those out there who helped in battling Chaosmon, both those on the island and those who rallied around Vice-Commander Ivan's call to arms. It was very much appreciated.

Do take some time to remember, and appreciate, that we standing here are fortunate. Our homes were restored, and we're still able to continue forward. Many on Draco Island cannot say the same, and never will again.

We would also not be standing here were it not for sacrifice of Meta Knight. Those on the Halberd have always been steadfast allies in our battles, and his is thus a painful loss for us all.

Thank you all, again.

[DATS Lock]

And thank you, Ivan-san, for covering my duties these past couple months.

Has there been anything besides the obvious events that others have covered openly I need to be aware of?

Once I get everything sorted out, getting to spend some time with my daughter when I'm not laid up in a hospital bed, assessing all of the new Tamer class specifications... DATS can expect a brand new round of training courses to cover all of these recent changes, as well!
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Agent Miria, Agent Randar.

I'm reassigning you out of the Heavy Division for the time being.

Miria, your partner's continued insubordination, misplaced sense of superiority, and disrespect for authority have become a hindrance to DATS.

Randar is being assigned to janitorial duties for the foreseeable future.

And needless to say, without your partner on the battlefield, you will be unable to contribute to missions the require that Heavy Division's unique application of power. You will be assigned to a desk, cataloging and prioritizing reports until your partner can receive the proper training so as to allow him to play well with others again.
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Hello, everyone. I've been doing some research and I felt it was a good idea to share some findings with you all.

I'm sure you've all noticed some changes, beyond that of the D-Comm. We all have a seperate digivice, and it seems to vary from person to person. From what I can tell, there at least four "archetypes" of digivice, which those from Witchelny say are called the "Soul", "Matrix," "Spirit, and "Xros Digivices."

I'd like to focus on the latter two, as they are the most starkly different from what we're used to. The Spirit Digivice seems to be based on the methods used by several individuals from a certain world, that were once present here before being sent home. From what they told us, they were able to use items called "Spirits" to evolve into digimon, rather than have a digimon partner. In this case, Yggdrasil has seemed to have replicated this method, and given two spirits to Tamers that have a Spirit Digivice.

The next is... rather interesting. The "Xros Digivice" seems to activate a process similar to evolution, except... well, the digimon are not actually evolving. Rather, they are uniting and becoming stronger. However, unlike Jogress, where two digimon become a single being, with this method of advancement, a single digimon seems to act as the core of the combination. Details are sketchy, but it seems as they grow in strength, the number of possible combinations will increase. Furthermore, Tamers with this sort of digivice seem to have more than one "partner", as it were. It seems they've all had their strength limited to the Adult level, however.

For those Tamers with a Soul Digivice, not much seems to have changed, besides a need to insert digi-soul to evolve our digimon. As for those with a Matrix digivice, from what I can tell, their focus is now on playing a support role through the use of supplied "option cards" and greater defensive options.

That is... all the general information I can provide. I only hope this has been of some use to everyone.
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It's been a while Sorcerymon. Think we can pick off where we left off?

You bet we can! Transform and we'll take care of this thing together!

Got it! Sacred Heart! Set up!


Kris, where'd you go!?

Then transform without it!

*There's a bit of silence for a few moments as Vivio tries to concentrate.*

I can't!

(OOC: Accidental post will continue broadcasting this thread here. Vivio won't be responding till it's over.)
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[Well, this is a very upset looking young mother on the network. Rei is fidgeting with something in her hands, eventually holding up a photo of her son.]

This is Alecsander Edwards. He is my son, and... he's missing. We were all in Axyori General when everything was reset. Mitch and I were there like nothing had happened, but Alec was gone.

He has a Terriermon named Buwny. Please... if anyone knows where he is...

[she trails off, rubbing at her eyes with the back of her hand]

Please bring him home to us...

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