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[People in Neon City might notice that down close to the industrial district (aka that area right before Junk City border that actually has businesses and a population), there is a very noticeable plume of smoke and flames coming up from one of the buildings there. It's sizable enough that there's quite a bit of smoke settling over the near by areas.

And on the network? The source of that fire.

Well, the once-owner of what is now burning down at least. The reason for the fire is long gone, leaving one very upset looking teen in her wake. It's hard to tell how close he is to the proximity of the fire, but it's clear he's still in the area by the smoke and the orange glow behind him. He's not IN the building anymore, thankfully.

He's covered in soot, clothes burned in patches, a very nasty looking wound on the arm that's holding his D-Comm and his chin length hair loose from the usual ponytail he wears it in.

His partner is on his shoulder, looking remorseful and being strangely quiet for once.]

I--... Azula... she--...

[He trails off, not really sure what to say. He rubs at his face with his uninjured hand, smearing the soot even worse around his eyes and cheeks.]

I think I need help...
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Good evening, MAGI!

I just wanted to remind everyone that there are no classes on Monday and Tuesday. Finals will be commencing on Wednesday Morning.

Whether you take your days off to study, prepare your presentations, or just blow off some steam, remember to get plenty of rest on Tuesday night.

And don't hesitate to ask for help if you think you're going to need it.
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H... hey um.


I woke up and it's way later than it should be and Espio isn't in the office but neither is the guy with the hat whose name I can't say or Philip and and and...


I can't run the agency all by myself, and Saffron can't do it all by herself either!

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Greetings, Tamers and Digimon alike. My name is Brainiac-5, and I am an agent of DATS.

Recently, there has been the re-surfacing of those that are considered high priority threats. Many of you may have heard of these threats, and as such should know to show caution. However, there are many of you that may not know much regarding them, especially those newly arrived. And even if you have heard of them, you may not know the details regarding what they are capable of.

Tsukasa Kagura and Dark Precure )
Akihiro Kurata )


Thank you for your time.

Be careful, and if you run into any of these individuals or those related to them, please contact DATS immediately.

[ATTACHED: Photos, or in Dark Precure's case, detailed drawings as no one really had time for photographs in that fight, of all hostiles mentioned here, including their Digimon]


Feb. 22nd, 2012 08:20 am
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... Hey.

I'm finally awake enough to post something, so... Yeah. I guess I've... Been out for a while, huh?

Looking at my medical chart... Oh wow. I'm lucky to be alive, aren't I?

... Yeah, uh, I might be here a while...

If anyone wants a full count of injuries, I've got it, but... I think I'll leave it for now.

... Estelle's here too... I... I failed, huh...

[A bit later - Private to Kat, Audio]

Hey... I can't do a lot of work right now, but I managed to get some findings, and my recollection of the whole thing's pretty good, right up until I somehow wound up in Junk City out of nowhere.

You care to drop by and see if I can get some good notes prepped up?


Feb. 19th, 2012 10:39 pm
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It would appear I have materialized part way into a wall. ...


[Sound of concrete breaking, and then a wall tumbling down... as well as part of a roof]

Issue resolved.

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Feb. 15th, 2012 03:27 pm
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[ as the feed comes on, Estelle looks frantic. she also looks injured, but in far better condition than the redhead resting nearby. the comm seems to be shaking. she's definitely freaked out. ]

W-We need medical attention! My friend is badly injured, and we need assistance as soon as we can get it!

I ...

I-I'm a healer, so I'm doing as much as I can for her until help arrives, but she needs more than just what I can give to her ...

[ her voice is very quiet now. quiet, and trembling. ]

Ioder ... Repede ... Hisuka ... Yuri. Rita and I are right here ...

[ she bites her lip, takes a deep breath, and then steadies herself once more. she has to be brave. ]

We're in Junk City. Please, as soon as possible ...

[ and with that, the feed ends. Estelle herself is going back to healing Rita. ]

( ooc: Rita mentioned with permission from Inc. c: )



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