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Oh hey, I have one of these now. I don't need to go outside to find a place to post to the network...

I'm looking for the entire Megadude Z Figure Collection Series 5, preferably with a complete Quickster Girl and the Ninja Joe chase figure included... As usual, money is no object, and I would prefer lightpost shipp-

H-hey, what?! What are you doing with my Area Leader Legends Figures?! Gai, those are not meant to be touched or played with!



((Bold of course is Gai. Everything else is Damemon.))
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[Today a red cat with yellow eyes appears on the screen. He's standing on a dock in Axoryi with crates stacked behind him.]

I am looking for some assistance on an expedition. I need only a small team so first come, first serve. I will only be accepting three to four for this mission. Equal shares of the profits will be had by all involved. There are only a few stipulations. One, I am to command this voyage. Two, as we are in Axoryi waters we will adhere to Axoryi law. And three, I am going to as for discretion while on the voyage. This shouldn't be long, a day or two trip at the most. If you're interested in earning a rather large number of BITs, do contact me post haste.

Thank you.

[And with that, he cuts off the video.]
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[voice begins speaking, reading aloud from something]

Exerpts taken from ''The Most Dangerous Game'' )



Heheheehe... quite an interesting passage, is it not?

[audio clicks off]
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Hey hey hey! Name's PicoDevimon, and I figured it's time I came out of the woodwork.

To those three girls and, IDK, their mom or something Dark Precure and I fought... I have to admit, you and your partners did a pretty good job.

Not good enough though.

To everyone else, who feels like causing some trouble? I'm anxious and I want to see some people scream!
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Videoman's gone.

And apparently I got left his store.



Mar. 23rd, 2012 11:28 pm
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[S'up digital world? Neemon is bored, and since Kyon can't do much due to having stitches and stuff? Neemon is gonna ask y'all a question.]

Soooo, that love thing went around last week, yeah?

How many of you lucky bastards spent the whole time having sex?
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Hello? Hellooooo? Is there anypony there? Oh I do hope I'm using this...thing...right.

Please can anypony tell me what's going on? This place is most strange and really Twilight dear, what went wrong this time? I'm not mad, oh gracious no, but it would be most wonderful if you could fix it. Soon, please? If not for my sake then for dear precious Opalescence. She seams to have...changed. And she can talk and...really, she can say some of the most unpleasant things.

Please, Twilight? Pretty please? With whipped cream and cherries on top?
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There are times when it's definitely good to be bad.

Having an evil empire that can enact your every whim while you're frozen is definitely one of them.


While all of you good guys were busy saving the world... I was busy taking over a small part of it.

With minimal bloodshed, I might add. The best takeovers are the ones that go smoothly.

Anyway, thank you, DATS. I couldn't have done this if my new territory had been deleted like Draco Island was.

Now, the end-of-level bonus points.


The Koopa Troop has openings, and a lot more living space that we can fill up. Pay's a little light as we're expanding, but we offer dental, vision, and general health insurance. We've got plenty of entry level positions, and a few officer slots too.

If you're interested, let me know!

Also, anyone from DATS, or the cops, or anyone else who wants in to spy? Go ahead. I can still use traitors. A couple just left and it only cost me a little cash, and a little heightened guard duty. I got more than I lost out of that group, just like I'll get more than I lose out of any of you.



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