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I am Iskandar, the King of Conquerors.

We have all seen Omegamon's announcement. We have also heard from an anonymous source that there are four settlements whose residents we have a chance to save. Simon the Digger is organizing a rescue mission to one of those settlements and many have expressed their intention to join with him. However! Not all who have expressed interest in aiding those settlements have requested to join Simon.

Small squads of two or three acting independently will not be able to succeed in this mission. We must operate in large groups if we are to succeed. Simon the Digger's group will be able to evacuate the residents of one of the settlements. I, Iskandar, intend to evacuate a second settlement. We shall launch simultaneous strikes on the forces defending each settlement, and in the resulting confusion we shall lead the residents to safety! Those who wish to aid me, raise your voices!
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[Today a red cat with yellow eyes appears on the screen. He's standing on a dock in Axoryi with crates stacked behind him.]

I am looking for some assistance on an expedition. I need only a small team so first come, first serve. I will only be accepting three to four for this mission. Equal shares of the profits will be had by all involved. There are only a few stipulations. One, I am to command this voyage. Two, as we are in Axoryi waters we will adhere to Axoryi law. And three, I am going to as for discretion while on the voyage. This shouldn't be long, a day or two trip at the most. If you're interested in earning a rather large number of BITs, do contact me post haste.

Thank you.

[And with that, he cuts off the video.]
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Greetings, Tamers and Digimon alike. My name is Brainiac-5, and I am an agent of DATS.

Recently, there has been the re-surfacing of those that are considered high priority threats. Many of you may have heard of these threats, and as such should know to show caution. However, there are many of you that may not know much regarding them, especially those newly arrived. And even if you have heard of them, you may not know the details regarding what they are capable of.

Tsukasa Kagura and Dark Precure )
Akihiro Kurata )


Thank you for your time.

Be careful, and if you run into any of these individuals or those related to them, please contact DATS immediately.

[ATTACHED: Photos, or in Dark Precure's case, detailed drawings as no one really had time for photographs in that fight, of all hostiles mentioned here, including their Digimon]
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Well... now that that's over and done with.

[It's a woman's voice, a bit gruff sounding and also kind of tired sounding too. Which anyone would be if they had to deal with one Amy Rose.]

Hey uh... Digital World. [She also doesn't sound so sure about addressing a whole lot of folks at once, must be a newbie!] I gotta couple of questions to ask of you, really. Like how to deal with a wild young lady who is way to focused on some... thing incredibly pointless.

Oh... and if there is anyone named Sonic or anyone who knows some girl named Amy, either or would be freakin' great.
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Another year... I should just wait and see what happens...

What are you muttering about, Phasco? ... and why is my D-Comm on?

Well she's gotten more observant at least... [Phasco clears his throat] Don't you know what today is?

... oh! April 1st already? A year passes quickly, doesn't it?


[aaaawkward silence]

... what? What is it? ... why are you staring at me like that?

Wait for it...

[another fairly long silence]

I'm forgetting something again, aren't I?

[This time there's no answer from Phasco. He's just staring at his partner.]

... April 1st. April 1st. Eto... eto eto...


Right on time. This is becoming a bad habit for you, Haku.

Sh-shut up! I have to think of something! I-I'll be back later!

[There's a bit of scrambling, Haku grabbing her D-Comm as she runs out the door. Phasco can be heard sighing and speaking one last time before she gets out the door.]

It's just not an April 1st without Haku flipping her shit...

[User has disconnected]



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