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Well, we've all seen Omegamon's declaration.

And it sucks. For everyone. The worst part is that we can't do anything about it as an organization. The commanders are still trying to determine our official stance here, but I can tell everyone right now that our hands are tied here. We can't stand against Omegamon, and unlike with Ravemon, it is unlikely that we'll be able to muster the support of Area Leaders to stand against him.

The Dark Area's made a lot of enemies, and even if they hadn't, Omegamon leads the foremost army in the digital world. Nobody else even comes close to him. If anyone moves against him, they get erased from history. It's that simple.

I've put out an independent call to arms. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of information for them, or for you. The invasion down there caught us off guard, and most of our insiders are dead or in the stockade. To say we're hurting for intelligence is an understatement, and we're forming plans for reconnaissance missions. But as of right now, we are more or less blind down there. The only thing I can say for certain is that the Virus Busters stopped at the Poyi Mountains, and King Bowser Koopa's territory expanded until they met the Virus Busters, and now there seems to be some sort of truce between them.

Whatever the case, there are people out there who are not willing to let this state of affairs stand. If you want to join them, go ahead. I'll personally see to it that your paychecks get accounting errors in your favor.

But if you get caught, you are not operating as DATS members. You will be disavowed. And I can't promise that a rescue will be forthcoming.

If you've got any questions... now's the time to ask them. I'll do my best to fill you in.

But... again... we're hurting for intelligence. I don't HAVE a lot of answers for certain questions.


Apr. 29th, 2012 05:44 pm
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I don't suppose anyone could tell me WHY I'm locked in a set of stocks in the middle of Flower Paradise?!

Where did they even GET these things?! I didn't see them when we arrived here!

I don't know whether to blame Dracomon for this, or Gyoro and Ururun... Dracomon isn't anywhere to be seen, and neither of the dragons are telling me anything!
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So, guys, I have a problem.

An alternate of this person I know in my world showed up, and she has this... crush on me. Besides me and Sally hooking up before she got sent back... well...

In my world, she's a little girl who got aged up being... well, my age, more or less, but it's hard not seeing her as a child.

I tried to tell her this, and... well, she's pretty much pissed at me.

What do I do, Digital World? This is like some kind of bad soap opera plot and I'm pretty tired of it.
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I... I was wondering if I could ask everyone a question.

A lot of you have seen a lot of combat, from what I can tell, and... well.

What do you do when you see someone you care about getting... well. Getting badly hurt. Like, think he might die hurt? He didn't, really, but...

I don't know, my being attacked the other day and him coming to help me got me to think about this a lot...
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Hello every pony! ...Oh no that’s not quite right, not everyone here is a pony! Hmm...there must be something totally inclusive... Aha!

Hello everyone! There! Much better!

For those I have yet to meet I’m Rarity, a unicorn from Equestria. Now, back home I run a business and I make the most fabulous dresses and gowns for ponies, and I love doing it! I would love to set up my own business here until the time which this...tree god... allows us to return home. Of course, there is an issue here. Most of the creatures that live here, whether they’re from this place or from another, are shaped much differently than any pony I’ve seen and as such garments must be cut and created very differently. So, I’ve found a wonderful solution! I make you a dress, shirt, jacket, whatever garment you wish, and I get practice sewing for these new shapes of bodies! Of course I would feel absolutely dreadful charging while I’m still learning, so all the work I do will be done for free! I will of course have to charge for materials, but I know we can figure something out that works for every pony’s ...I’m terribly sorry, habit ... Everyones budget.

Now, who would love a wonderful new outfit? Come now, don’t be shy...

[OOC: Al and I have agreed to offscreen Big Mac bringing Rarity to Tetha. I'm extremely busy with con stuff so replies will be slow, but I'll try and do what I can.]
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Hello, everyone. I've been doing some research and I felt it was a good idea to share some findings with you all.

I'm sure you've all noticed some changes, beyond that of the D-Comm. We all have a seperate digivice, and it seems to vary from person to person. From what I can tell, there at least four "archetypes" of digivice, which those from Witchelny say are called the "Soul", "Matrix," "Spirit, and "Xros Digivices."

I'd like to focus on the latter two, as they are the most starkly different from what we're used to. The Spirit Digivice seems to be based on the methods used by several individuals from a certain world, that were once present here before being sent home. From what they told us, they were able to use items called "Spirits" to evolve into digimon, rather than have a digimon partner. In this case, Yggdrasil has seemed to have replicated this method, and given two spirits to Tamers that have a Spirit Digivice.

The next is... rather interesting. The "Xros Digivice" seems to activate a process similar to evolution, except... well, the digimon are not actually evolving. Rather, they are uniting and becoming stronger. However, unlike Jogress, where two digimon become a single being, with this method of advancement, a single digimon seems to act as the core of the combination. Details are sketchy, but it seems as they grow in strength, the number of possible combinations will increase. Furthermore, Tamers with this sort of digivice seem to have more than one "partner", as it were. It seems they've all had their strength limited to the Adult level, however.

For those Tamers with a Soul Digivice, not much seems to have changed, besides a need to insert digi-soul to evolve our digimon. As for those with a Matrix digivice, from what I can tell, their focus is now on playing a support role through the use of supplied "option cards" and greater defensive options.

That is... all the general information I can provide. I only hope this has been of some use to everyone.
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As it would seem everyone has more or less returned to their right minds, I have returned to Sanctity.

Apologies to Agent Kyon anyone if I seemed peculiar over the D-Comm.

[locked to Kat Simmons]

Regardless of all that, what were you wishing to talk about?

[ooc - What's under strikes is not there.]


Mar. 10th, 2012 01:18 pm
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So, we all know that everybody was supposedly data frozen for a week after Chaosmon got his ass kicked, right? Right, right...

...MY question is...

How many of you were abducted and experimented upon by Digital Aliens without your knowledge?!

We were all ripe for the picking! They could have picked us up and set us back down without anyone knowing!

After all, the non-partner Digimon got reset before we did! There's no telling what the case was for creatures from beyond!
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I have been so busy lately, it escaped me to ask this. However, my partner was rather distressed about something after the battle with Chaosmon.

Would anyone who had a Duftmon like to speak up?

Wormmon did not enjoy being randomly groped in the midst of battle when she was Lotusmon.

01 | video

Feb. 25th, 2012 12:25 am
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Have a belated reaction. ]



Feb. 22nd, 2012 02:09 am
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No one's dead yet.

This deserves a raise, right?
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... Holy iPhone Knockoff Batman. This is the new D-Comm?

iPhone's are so last century...

For you, mebee.


Good t' see your sense of humor survived.

As did yours! It's like old times, only... we survived an Apocalypse.

Can't say we do that everyday... anyone we gotta rescue? Speak up now or forever hold yer peace!

o1 | video

Feb. 15th, 2012 09:50 pm
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--So then this button I just pressed should let us post with video, right?

-- It should. Try pressing it to see if it works. I should be able to check mine to see if it post video.

I just pressed it. Is it on? [ her eyes are coming closer to the video feed ... and then away. ] I think it's on.

[Takeru laughs a bit.] Yeah, it's on.

So, uh ... wow, this thing got complicated, didn't it? [ laughing a little, sheepishly. ] Um ... maybe I should see if I can find Masaru-niichan ... Excuse me! Digital World! I'm looking for Daimon Masaru! And anyone else who I know and love and who I would love to know is safe. [ looks to Takeru ] Anyone you want to shout out to?

[Takeru smiled.] Yeah, there is. [He moves a bit closer to Chika.] If anyone knows how Noguchi Yuka, Takenouchi Sora, Suzumiya Haruhi, or Yagami Taichi are doing or where they are, please let us know!

And Mama, Daddy, once again, Takeru-kun and I are all right and in Asuka! [ looks back to Takeru ] Is that it? I think that's it ...

Almost. Anyone else in the DATS General Division, send a message to my D-Comm to let me know where you are. [He smiles.] Okay, now that's it.

Okay. I guess now we just wait for responses or something? [ she looks fidgety ] .... I was never any good at waiting.

[Takeru just laughs, before pulling her over into a hug.] Don't worry, we'll get an answer soon enough.

[ laughs a little and moves a bit closer to him ] I guess.

( ooc: joint comm post between Chika and Takeru! Responses will come from both [personal profile] piyomonpinked and [personal profile] crestofhope. )

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Feb. 15th, 2012 03:27 pm


Feb. 15th, 2012 01:42 am
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If you are bleeding, dying, and just otherwise got your ass kicked or maybe had a building dropped on your head, you probably need some help. Local hospitals - sure, that's great. But if you're a, y'know, human you might want to consider avenues of people who actually have the same physiology.

I will certainly regret this in the morning, but here.

[Coordinates of closest lightpost to DATS Sanctity HQ]

Come in, and maybe you'll get a lollipop for your troubles.




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