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[The video comes on to show a spiky brown haired boy on the screen. His blue eyes stare at the screen for a moment and tilts his head.]

Is this thing on? Hellooooooo?!

[He gives the D-Comm a shake before smiling.]


[He waits for a moment, as if he is expecting a reply right there.]

Tron? Are you in this thing? Donald?! Goofy?! Did you get dragged here too? Let me know okay? I made a new friend!

[The camera moves to a small green monkey that just stares up at the screen for a moment before Sora brings it back to him.]

Let me know where you guys are okay? We need to find the keyhole and get to the next world!

[And the camera cuts out.]
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I am in need of…a bit of assistance.

I’ve left my system, somehow, and while as fascinating as it is to see the user world I’ve…never left the grid. Noone has, and I would be lying if I stated I wasn’t unsure nor nervous of the potential repercussions. Now, it appears users can contact each other through these devices, is it possible that someone knows of a user Leon? Or Sora, Donald and Goofy? Any help is greatly appreciated.

End of line.


Mar. 23rd, 2012 11:28 pm
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[S'up digital world? Neemon is bored, and since Kyon can't do much due to having stitches and stuff? Neemon is gonna ask y'all a question.]

Soooo, that love thing went around last week, yeah?

How many of you lucky bastards spent the whole time having sex?
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Morning -static-!

[the video is, for the moment, of the ceiling of the DATS medical wing. the exact ceiling of the room that Kyon has been in for the time since 15th till well... now.

Of course it's going to go all shakey cam as Neemon is seen on screen briefly as the digimon tosses it over to the now awake Kyon.

And it ends up camera down on the bed, so enjoy some blackness before it actually gets picked up by Kyon. He looks... better, tired as hell but at least he's not dead!]

Uh... Hey? [he sounds a little out of it] Just... what happened?

[Because he knows to not ask Neemon, he knows.]
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Come on, is this... FINALLY!


We just woke up in one of the caves under Neon City!

Daigo's hurt bad, and he's too big for me to move. He's out cold, and he doesn't look so good. I've tried bandaging him up, but it ain't gonna do him much good if he doesn't get to a hospital... He needs some help here!

... And don't tell his sister, she'll freak out!

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Feb. 15th, 2012 03:27 pm
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- the hell happened to the D-Comm?

I don't see your D-Reader anywhere either...

Hn. This is Daimon Suguru, and I've found myself somehow transported to Goc Desert. Any DATS agents who can see this, please report in.

.. Wait a minute. That can't be right.

Can anyone verify what day it is?!



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