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Did Tetha fall outta the sky and kill you losers, or didja all get yourselves killed or do it yourselves? Cause it looks like the lot of you are dead 'round here.
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Ay, it looks like things are getting all serious around here once more. It's unnerving.

[And he mumbles, anyone really listening will hear the words "Ivan you better pay me more if things go south" and some curses but that's about it.]

So... who around here is gonna be stupid enough to go after Lord Crazypants WannabeHero?
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Ah, you know this place has gotten a lot better lately.

And I'm not talking about the latest shenanigans going on or whatever. That doesn't really matter, what matters is that something big happened and after double checking and making sure it was right I think it's time to have some fun.

Any of you losers interested?
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You know, ladies and gents, this world can be such an interesting place. Bringing in people we'd never expect, taking folks away and heck... Bringing them back without them even being aware of what they did here.

Which could be so horrid for those of us here who may have say... I'll use an example that's very close me, one blond reploid fellow and a pretty little navigator babe who showed up recently not recalling some things those two did together... And with each other too~.

[A pause then]

My point here, really, is... How much do you all think Zero should pay me to keep my mouth shut about his little sexcapades?


Feb. 25th, 2012 12:14 am
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Uh well...

It's on, yeah?

[He has no clue, cause up a tree, one armed and blind! sucks to be him]

So hey, Ivan? Or anyone really. I kinda need a little help getting out of a tree. Cause the natives here are getting restless. Pretty sure one of 'em called me a Andromon, and they might be making an effort to get me out of the tree to try and repair me.


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