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To anyone I may have worried during the past month and a half, I apologize. I was out of commission for quite some time due to the events involving Chaosmon, unfortunately.

I'm feeling much, much better now, though! Duo, I should be returning back to work within the next few days. Did we want to talk and set up an official date for my return to the teashop?

For anyone I don't know, hello! It's lovely to meet you! My name is Estellise Sidos Heu-- [ she pauses there, then blushes and laughs a little. ]

I-I'm sorry, I'm still getting used to the name change. I'm Estellise Lowell. Simply Estelle is fine, though. I know my name can be quite a mouthful, even with less of it to say now.

[ she sits back and smiles at the video feed. ]

I look forward to meeting anyone new or not-so-new to this world, and seeing those of you I've met before once again! It's so good to be up and doing things again!
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Ne...Uncle Arren? Can I get DaiDai a present?

Er...what kind of present?

The good kind!

...right let's uh...oh hey, kind? Your comm is turned on.


[Hands the DComm over to his uncle.]

[Takes it and locks the rest of the video from Daira.]

There we go. Now he won't know what you decide on, and it can be a surprise.


So what does Daira like?

Uuuuuuuh...taking photos?


Yeah he does. Anything else? He already has a camera.

[Thinks for a moment.]

Ice cream!

That really isn't a present.

But he likes it...
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Hello, This is Jinx again.

Thank you to everyone who helped me look for my daughter and Men Tao. They have been found and are being brought home safe and sound. Thank goodness.

[Locked to teashop employees]

I'm going to be out for another week to rest up after all of that, then I'll finally be back to work. Thanks to those of you who covered my shifts.
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[Hey divers. Have a familiar scene of sand everywhere. It's like it's only been a few months and Sam's right back where he started from. Cold. On a beach. Sand everywhere. Everywhere. He's not getting up, but Gabumon has the D-comm in his claws.]


[Gabumon, or Max as he'd been dubbed, looks into the camera, his nose closing in at the wide angle lens then pointing it at Sam.]

I'm okay. [Sam's staring up a the sky, his arms around him and shivering cold. He sounds terrible, conjested. Pale.]

Issat thing on?

Yep. I turned it on, you see? It's recording like you said.

Okay... Uh. I need some help here. [He coughs into his hands pretty heavily.]

Think I'm at the beach on Axoryi. Is there GPS on this thing?

[He coughs again, grimacing. The phone is clicked off but catches the footage of the phone falling and Max moving over to his side.]

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