Apr. 1st, 2012

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I can't find Mummy and Daddy...[Alec is trying really hard not to sob.]

Shhhh, honey, it will be alright. We'll go find your uncles and it will be just fine.

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Another year... I should just wait and see what happens...

What are you muttering about, Phasco? ... and why is my D-Comm on?

Well she's gotten more observant at least... [Phasco clears his throat] Don't you know what today is?

... oh! April 1st already? A year passes quickly, doesn't it?


[aaaawkward silence]

... what? What is it? ... why are you staring at me like that?

Wait for it...

[another fairly long silence]

I'm forgetting something again, aren't I?

[This time there's no answer from Phasco. He's just staring at his partner.]

... April 1st. April 1st. Eto... eto eto...


Right on time. This is becoming a bad habit for you, Haku.

Sh-shut up! I have to think of something! I-I'll be back later!

[There's a bit of scrambling, Haku grabbing her D-Comm as she runs out the door. Phasco can be heard sighing and speaking one last time before she gets out the door.]

It's just not an April 1st without Haku flipping her shit...

[User has disconnected]
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Now that I've settled in some, I realize that there is a large number of people who were friends with my predecessor in some shape or form. And I realize that I can't be exactly like her, however I can certainly try my hardest to keep those bonds going.

If people would like to, I'll be at the Funbari Onsen all day so that we can do face-to-face meetings. Or, if using the D-Comm would be preferrable, I will do my chats over here.

I look forward to continuing these friendships and hope that we can work together as well as we did previously.
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Agent Miria, Agent Randar.

I'm reassigning you out of the Heavy Division for the time being.

Miria, your partner's continued insubordination, misplaced sense of superiority, and disrespect for authority have become a hindrance to DATS.

Randar is being assigned to janitorial duties for the foreseeable future.

And needless to say, without your partner on the battlefield, you will be unable to contribute to missions the require that Heavy Division's unique application of power. You will be assigned to a desk, cataloging and prioritizing reports until your partner can receive the proper training so as to allow him to play well with others again.



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