Apr. 15th, 2012

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I have a question, digital world. One that I'm quiet interested in hearing what you all believe the answer is. The subject you ask?


What is it that makes an Empire and what separates the poor from the great? What are the components to a truly great Empire?

Furthermore, what is it that allows an Empire to stand the test of time? What could be done to erect an empire that would stand for thousands of years, if not an eternity?

I await your answers.
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I'm very glad to say I've finally been given a clean bill of health and let go from the DATS Medical Ward.

I've got an awful lot to catch up on, now!

However, I wanted to thank those out there who helped in battling Chaosmon, both those on the island and those who rallied around Vice-Commander Ivan's call to arms. It was very much appreciated.

Do take some time to remember, and appreciate, that we standing here are fortunate. Our homes were restored, and we're still able to continue forward. Many on Draco Island cannot say the same, and never will again.

We would also not be standing here were it not for sacrifice of Meta Knight. Those on the Halberd have always been steadfast allies in our battles, and his is thus a painful loss for us all.

Thank you all, again.

[DATS Lock]

And thank you, Ivan-san, for covering my duties these past couple months.

Has there been anything besides the obvious events that others have covered openly I need to be aware of?

Once I get everything sorted out, getting to spend some time with my daughter when I'm not laid up in a hospital bed, assessing all of the new Tamer class specifications... DATS can expect a brand new round of training courses to cover all of these recent changes, as well!
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My sister, Gumi, has returned home...

Fisk, I know you're upset, but it won't do well to sulk at home. I'll be at your apartment as soon as I'm off work. Expect to be dragged out for drinks.

[Gakupo goes to turn to video feed off, but he seems to think of something else.]

[Locked from Haku]

Additionally, Miku Hatsune still seems to be missing and isn't answering her D-Comm. I'm not sure how much longer we'll be able to keep this from Haku. I think it's time to expand our search beyond the cities.

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The Warashis, Zashiki and Ame, have been returned back to their home.

Probably for the best. Zashiki was still very ill.

There was a package in their closet in their Asuka home, addressed to myself and Watanuki. Nadeko-chan, there's something in here for you.

Also... the archery club will be starting back up again next week. If anyone is interested, please contact me.
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H... hey um.


I woke up and it's way later than it should be and Espio isn't in the office but neither is the guy with the hat whose name I can't say or Philip and and and...


I can't run the agency all by myself, and Saffron can't do it all by herself either!

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Videoman's gone.

And apparently I got left his store.

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Hey hey hey! Name's PicoDevimon, and I figured it's time I came out of the woodwork.

To those three girls and, IDK, their mom or something Dark Precure and I fought... I have to admit, you and your partners did a pretty good job.

Not good enough though.

To everyone else, who feels like causing some trouble? I'm anxious and I want to see some people scream!



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