May. 12th, 2012

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[When this video feed comes on, there's just a shot of a club interior before open hours, somewhere near the stage. Voices can be heard in the background, but soon enough one of them gets close enough to be heard.]

--ve it ready in an hour. Later!

[Daisuke sits down in front of his D-Comm, waving to some one who's off-screen, but as soon as that's done he turns his attention towards it.]

Alright... So... a few of you know my son, Daira Gillespie. He's been in the hospital since before the world reset due to kidney failure. Unfortunately... they haven't been able to find a proper donor yet. But they're going to release him from the hospital finally and keep him on dialysis for the time being until something else can be done.

[he sighs, worry still clear on his face, but it's obvious he's trying to be hopeful in spite of that]

Anyway... his birthday was in March, but spending a birthday in a hospital isn't very fun, you know? So we were thinking once he's out we might have a 'welcome home/late birthday' party for him.

Would anyone be interested in helping out with that? He'll be getting out on the 19th... barring anything happening that might prevent it, that is.

Let me know and I can run any ideas by Dart. Oh and uh. Thanks in advance.
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[There is a very... confused looking man on the network today. Well. Confused might not be the right word. Pissed off is actually closer to it.

Pissed off and cold.

Shaggy black hair, eye patch, blue military uniform are in view, and behind him... the stark white landscape of Meria. He's not shivering, but the wind is blowing at him something fierce.

He narrows his eyes and tilts the D-Comm around a few times until he finally focuses it on himself fully.]

I found this... thing in my pocket, and I'm assuming it's some sort of communication device.

With that in mind. I just have one question and one question only.

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Oh hey, I have one of these now. I don't need to go outside to find a place to post to the network...

I'm looking for the entire Megadude Z Figure Collection Series 5, preferably with a complete Quickster Girl and the Ninja Joe chase figure included... As usual, money is no object, and I would prefer lightpost shipp-

H-hey, what?! What are you doing with my Area Leader Legends Figures?! Gai, those are not meant to be touched or played with!



((Bold of course is Gai. Everything else is Damemon.))
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Good evening, MAGI!

I just wanted to remind everyone that there are no classes on Monday and Tuesday. Finals will be commencing on Wednesday Morning.

Whether you take your days off to study, prepare your presentations, or just blow off some steam, remember to get plenty of rest on Tuesday night.

And don't hesitate to ask for help if you think you're going to need it.



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