Jun. 25th, 2012

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[The video is on Kyon, who happens to be in his living quarters in Sanctity. Looks like he's doing some paperwork of some sort, as he's tapping the table he's sitting at with his pen in an almost absent minded way.

Except when he starts tapping it in a bit more musical way.]

This got long. Also some lyrics changed to be more Dive accurate! )
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[The following is security cam footage of Beastboy at the front desk of the Hinata Silver Dragon Inn with Isha who's strumming idly on a guitar.]

When did you learn guitar?

I don't know how to play. But since it sounds like that singing virus has come around again I thought I'd see if it would teach me.

A musical experiment?

For science.

[And sure enough as she runs her claws over the guitar it sounds musical. There's a bell ringing and some Digimon wander in.]

Excuse us do you work here?

Of course! Allow me to introduce myself-

[And then singing] )...

Uh...so can we check in? We had reservations.

Oh heh heh..y-yeah of course.

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[Gakupo has seated himself at a piano... somewhere. It's possible that it's Looking Glass, but it's hard to tell from the angle and the lack of decent lighting. There's just one light, in fact, dim and pointed in his general direction, but not in any way to show that it's on purpose at all.

He stares ahead for a minute or so, but says nothing. Eventually his hands come to the keys, and he begins to play and sing.]

Cut for video )

[The song ends as quietly as it started, and from Gakupo only one thing is heard before the feed shuts off.]

Happy birthday, Gumi...
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[There's no speaking before this random bout of virused singing. In fact the feed just starts with a few seconds of silence and then... music.]

More video cuts~ )

[When it ends, there's more silence, and then some one finally speaks. But it's not the singer.]

... that was sappy. Who're you singing to?

[There's no answer, save for a slight grunt of pain.]

... ... big pants... ? You... okay... ?


[The D-comm clatters to the floor and turns off]

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[There is music already playing when the D-Comm clicks on. There's a moment of just hearing the music and the sounds of dancing when the music suddenly stops and something new starts to play. There are murmurs as footsteps found int he audio. Then the rabbit begins to sing.]

Change the 'she' to 'he' in the lyrics and random singers are just Looking Glass patrons who also got infected. )

[The song ends and the club erupts into applause and whooping. Seems they liked the show. If you were there you got to see all of the dancing and awesomeness. Lucky you~]



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