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2nd rockslide : audio

[There's no speaking before this random bout of virused singing. In fact the feed just starts with a few seconds of silence and then... music.]

[When it ends, there's more silence, and then some one finally speaks. But it's not the singer.]

... that was sappy. Who're you singing to?

[There's no answer, save for a slight grunt of pain.]

... ... big pants... ? You... okay... ?


[The D-comm clatters to the floor and turns off]

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[Sora listens to the song on his way up the elevator in the Hyperion. As the doors open he hears the clatter. His heart sinks and he takes off down the hallway. He hopes Terra hasn't gotten frozen now too. With Riku all still and quiet; Terra's really the only one he has left in the apartment with him.

He unlocks the door and rushes in. He looks around, hoping to find a still moving Terra.]

Terra? You okay?
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Re: [Action]

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[Sora freezes when he hears Terra yell at him like that. He feels something tightening in his chest. His heart is beating so fast and feels so heavy. Why? What's going on with Terra?]

Terra, let me help! What's wrong?!
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Re: [Action]

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[Sora takes a step back when he's yelled at again. He shivers as he looks at Terra. The look in his eyes, the outstretched hand. Something is wrong with him and he's the only one here.]

I'm not leaving! I'm going to help you!
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Re: [Action]

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[Sora walks over to Terra and reaches out to touch Terra's shoulder. He shakes his friend, a small whimper escaping the brunette's throat.]

Terra? T-Terra! Wake up...please!
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Re: [Action]

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I...I think he's alright. We need to make him comfortable. Will you help me put him on the couch?