May. 19th, 2012

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[The D-Comm comes on to show that business cat everyone knows and loves, Katz. He's standing in front of a freshly constructed building of some sort with large glass doors, a high roof, and a very modern look to it. He smiles and adjusts his tie before looking directly into the camera.]

Greetings Digital World, I'm Katz. I come to you this evening with a very special announcement. The Club Katz fitness center and training gym is open for business. Here on the south island of the Verdandi continent; is a new home away from home for all those out there looking to keep in shape, gain strength, and maybe even become more knowledgeable in physical defense.

My new fitness center and training gym is equipped with the digital world's newest and finest equipment money can buy. Complete with; swimming pool, full gym, steam room, day spa, weight center, and cardiovascular center. We also have a large open air training area for the more customized training programs we have to offer. This facility is yours to use any day, any time, all year round for a small monthly fee, year contract, or our special two year contract deal. Come sign up now and we'll even include our Club Katz tote bag and water bottle free of charge.

[The red feline pulls out from behind his back a red and purple tote bag with 'Club Katz' written across the front in yellow and a purple and red water bottle.]

Club Katz is also a fantastic employment opportunity for anyone with previous fitness training, military training, combat experience, and/or knowledge of digisoul and evolution of digimon. Here at Club Katz, we want all our members to be fit and prepared to meet the challenges of everyday life here in the digital world.

So please, come stop by for a free consultation with myself or one of our fine trainers. True fitness is just a light post portal away.

[With that, the D-Comm shuts off.]
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I have a bit of an odd question for everyone. [Srs Kyon face, but considering his question should he really be that serious?]

... Now with this virus making folks ah. Smaller then usual, it's been mostly tamers that have been effect, yes? Because I haven't seen my digimon partner since all this insanity started.

[Hey, he warned people his job here is done.]



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