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[The D-Comm hits the table and turns on. It's pointing at a couch that Naota flops onto. He's laying face down and a long tan horn has sprouted from the back of his head it looks like. He groans as footsteps approach him and his partner can be heard off-screen.]

Why is it happening again?

I don't know! It just does!

Why are you so mad?

Because all this stuff that's happening is stupid! I don't want to just sit here and do nothing but what am I supposed to do?!

I...I don't know Naota.

[He boy sighs before the horn suddenly starts to grow longer. He gasps and starts to scream as it does. Taser runs onto the screen and tries to grab Naota's shoulder but is shoved away. Suddenly something shoots out of the back of the boy's head. It's blue and tan and flies up into the air. He rolls around just in time for the blue and tan guitar to come down and smack him in the face. He cries out in pain and rolls off the couch. The guitar hits the table and topples it over. The D-Comm hits the floor and turns off.]
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[The video comes on as the D-Comm hits the ground. A boy is seen as he bounces on the ground a few times from his landing before skidding to a stop. His leg twitches twice before he rolls over with a groan. He sits up and looks around, his school uniform disheveled and missing a few buttons thanks to the fall.]

What that...? Where am I? How did I get in a forest when I was in my room?!

[He scratches his head and groans.]

What is happening now?! AAAAH!

[Suddenly the top of his head begins to expand. Two large horns seem to grow from his head, bursting out of his hair.]

W-What?! Not agaaaaaaaaah!

[He starts to thrash as the horns grow bigger. Something seems to be coming out of his head. The horns turn gray and begin to resemble...a taser? Out of nowhere a Kokuwamon pops out of his head and hits the ground with a thud. Both parties just lay there, dazed and groaning as the camera cuts out.]



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