May. 16th, 2012

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All right, students.

It seems there's a new virus going around.

Yes, I have been affected.

No, this does not mean that finals are delayed.

No, if you have been affected, you don't get a makeup test. If it affects your spellcasting ability, consider it an impromptu test of energy re-allocation training.
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[There are a lot of unamused suddenly chibi-fied people on the network recently, but this one particular trap looks miffed enough to bite some one's ankles.

And not because he's chibi.

Because some one keeps picking him up and hugging him.]

Socutesocutesocute~ Rii-chan is so adorably cute!

Tei-chan, for the last time... I have work to do. So could you please put me down and let me work?!

But how is Rii-chan gonna work if Rii-chan is so small and cute?!

[Obviously Tei is not letting go any time soon. Ritsu sighs heavily and looks at his D-Comm. One might say he even looks a bit pleading.

Though it's not advisable to say that to his face, lest you wish your ankles to be chewed on by a tiny android.]

Could some one please come get me out of Tei-chan's iron grip? I have things to do and I'm not going to let being a foot tall stop me.



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[Duo is standing in the front area of the tea shop in his usual uniform, and he seems to have something in his hands.

No, wait.

Not something.


In one hand is a chibi-fied Suoh Takumura, and the other a chibi-fied Kentarou Higashikunimaru. Suoh is being held by the back of his tiny collar, tiny hands over his face as he shakes his head. If his face was any redder, it'd be glowing, and he's slightly wet and stained in what appears to be coffee. Kentarou on the other hand is in a tiny version of his work uniform, clinging to Duo's hand for dear life while looking down, absolutely terrified. Luckily both of them didn't suffer the clothing fate that poor Akira did earlier.]

This is mortifying...

Don't drop me don'tdropmedon'tdropme...

Shush, I'm not gonna drop you...

'ey! Quatre! Takeshi! I think these belong to you two?


Duo! D-don't put it like that! I may be small but I'm not a toy! Put me down this instant, I can stand just fine on my own!

[Duo just snickers, giving Suoh a little wiggle that makes him tense up for a moment, flipping himself on to the back of Duo's hand with surprising deftness for a foot tall, super deformed person. Ninja skills, he still has them.]

I will bite you.

Okay, okay, chill! Geez I think your temper got worse...


Ken, calm down, seriously... aaaanyway Suoh here kinda knocked his coffee over on himself when it happened, and Ken isn't exactly gonna be working an oven when he can't reach it, so you guys might wanna come pick your boyto--

Do not say what you're going to.

... boyfriends up. Don't worry, I'll keep 'em safe until you get here.

(ooc: Suoh is blue, Kentarou is red)


May. 16th, 2012 10:15 pm
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Ah, you're so tiny! Bitty Ninja!

[S'up Digital World, there is an Otamamon showing up on your screens. Only the digimon seems more interested in the tiny ninja robot that does not look pleased by this turn of events.]

Be quiet, Kero. [Tinny voice, because tiny robot!]

Why? I betcha the others will think this is awesome and everything too!

[And the screen is covered by a claw(?) as Otamamon is trying to get a better shot of Shadow Man but instead turns the communicator off instead.}



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