Mar. 16th, 2012

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This world has again brought forth my mating cycle. As it is happening again upon the same day of your short human year, I believe once again it is false, though the need is true.

I therefore offer a challenge to any strong males of this world. Show me your strength and receive the honor of mating with me. Weaklings will be killed should they accept. I will accept nothing more than the best.

I await your responses.
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As... Entertaining as this virus can be when it happens mostly to other people. It's very...

Annoying this year.

It's not helped by the fact that Miss Asahina is still data-frozen and I can't do much anyway.

[... awkward cough.]

And... Judging by how quiet things are a lot of folks have been hit, or are keeping it to themselves. For once, thank god.
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[The video comes on to show Dive's favorite and only Lombax. He's stilling on Haku's couch with two blankets wrapped around him. He has dark rings under his eyes and his fur is unkempt. His hat is off for once and he has some serious hat fur. He sniffles and then sneezes before he speaks.]

Being suck is a bitch. And this virus I keep hearing about, what does it do exactly? I hear a lot of complaining but no real answers. How does a virus make you feel feelings?

[Another sneeze.]

And in other news, Lombaxes can get pneumonia. I hate the cold. I swear if I ever get the chance I'm shooting that god tree in the face.

[He starts to cough this time. The fit lasts a while before it finally subsides.]

Can I just be better or die yet? This in-between stuff is annoying.



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