May. 18th, 2012

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[The D-Comm comes on to show a Konmon staring rather closely at it. He blinks just once as he stares before slowly turning the camera away from him. He starts to move and brings the D-Comm with him. He walks through the living room of the apartment and into the kitchen. He holds up the D-Comm and there be Sora. Well a smaller more cartoony version of Sora. He's trying to reach up onto the counter for something and just keeps failing.]

It's too high up! [He whines with a voice about two octaves higher than his normal one. He taps his foot and thinks for a moment.]

Wait! [He bents those tiny knees and jumps, leaping high into the air. He flips once he's high enough and lands on the counter.] I did it! Now cookie jar, come to Sora.

[The camera promptly shuts off after that.]
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-is is an outrage. How dare that tree do this to me! [Someone with a squeaky voice sounds upset. For those who know his real voice, you might be able to tell who it is.]

Y-Yeah...pffft...t-travesty and all...pfffffffffffffffffft.

You mock me? Cease your stifled laughter at once!

Y-Yeah...o-okay-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry! I can't take you personally with that voooice! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Let us see how long you laugh once I run you through!



[And the audio cuts out with the sound of a crash and something breaking.]
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[The D-Comm clicks on and one Gaomon is holding it. He smirks at the camera and tilts his head a bit.]

Hello everyone. I think you should all see this.

[He turns the camera to the couch to show a very tiny Paulo sitting there, his tail whipping up a storm against the cushions as he pouts.]

Turn that off you jerk! I don't want people seeing me like this! [The poor Somali grabs a pillow and tries to hide behind it.]

Ain't he adorable, folks? But you know what would make him more adorable?

[Breaker sets down the D-Comm and walks off. The camera stays on the couch. Soon Paulo crawls out from under his pillow and looks around.]

Breaker? Breaker? [He looks left, then right.] Where did that old bastard go?

[A shadow looms over Paulo and he looks up. He flails in true cartoon fashion as a bucket full of water rains down upon him, soaking him and the couch.]


Bark! Bark! Bark! [The barking results in a sad looking wet cat huddled against the soaked cushions in terror. The Gaomon's laughter can be heard as he comes around and turns off the D-Comm.]
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Doctor...please calm down.

I shall not calm down! [And that would be a squeaky Dr. Finitevus you are hearing.]

I shall not allow this false deity of a tree to dare change me in this way! He knows not the echidna he trifles with! I shall see him burn for this! I will cut him down, tear out the roots, burn him to nothing but ash and salt the earth from whence he came so that nothing shall grow their again!

But are quite small. Will you be able to actually chop down a tree?

Be silent, Black or I shall silence you myself! The tree shall pay for this injustice! I will not forgive him for this!

D-Doctor...your D-Comm is on...

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[The D-Comm comes on as Lopmon it sitting on a couch and looks fairly worried. She looks back and forth before turning back to the D-Comm.]

Alright. Um...I have a bit of a problem. Well two problems actually. Ki-...I mean Kazma's been acting strange lately. He hasn't been himself up to this week and then this week happened.

[She facepalms with one of her ears.]

He kind of isn't so much a King anymore as a Prince. He's very tiny...and I lost him. If anyone sees a very tiny white bunny with a red vest and blond hair, let me know, okay? Cause I know he isn't in the house. I've looked everywhere. Thanks in advance. I'm going to go see if he's in the backyard. I really hope he's in the back yard.

[She hits a button and the D-Comm turns off.]



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