Jun. 17th, 2012


Jun. 17th, 2012 02:40 pm
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So, back where I come from, err...a version of Earth that is. We have a holiday to celebrate Fathers. And like so many holidays from my world it looks like the Digital World carries this one too.

I was adopted when I was just a kid after an accident took my parents from me. The man who took me in was a brave and brilliant scientist named Steve Dayton. While I'll never forget my first father...I can never repay my second father for all he taught me.

Sure he was stiff at times...most of the time...all the time. And he wasn't very good at playing pretend. And I'm pretty sure if he showed up here today he'd probably ask why I'm in my twenties and still playing with action figures and watching cartoons. But he's a good man. A loving husband and the best dad a guy could ask for.

What about the rest of you. Funny dad stories? Touching dad stories?

...wait...that last part sounded bad. You know what I mean! Inspirational or whatever!

Like this one time I tried on Dad's helmet and we accidentally swapped brains. It was totally wild! We ended up having to use each others superpowers to fight this giant monster. It was alot harder then he made it look to have telekinesis and stuff.
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I know I've made my feelings known about the differences between fathers and creators, but who says we can't take over this day for the Doc and make it a creator day. He's not here with us today, but it's always been an honor to be a part of his plans and we owe him so much just for building us and then rebuilding us time and time again.

Also, Metal? This doesn't get said often, but thanks for acting as our makeshift leader. It's not an easy job to take and who knows what we'd do without you.

But enough sappiness! I made cake if you guys want to get together for a bit. You too ninjabutt. You might be batshit crazy, but you're still one of us.



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