Jun. 9th, 2012

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Alright boys and girls, listen up!

My name's Simon. Simon the Digger. I'm Captain of the battleship Halberd, and leader of the Dai-Gurren Brigade. Maybe you've heard of us, maybe you haven't.

Doesn't matter either way, because we've got a job ahead of us. The information on the villages that we'd have the best shot of liberating is legit - trust me.

A few of you have expressed interest in kicking their door down, but it's not going to happen without your heads ending up on mantles over Omegamon's fireplace if we're not organized. This isn't just about kicking ass and taking names, so no matter how good a fighter a single person may be down there, it won't matter for shit if you can't save lives at the same time.

For one of these villages, the Halberd is going to launch a distraction strike to pull Virus Buster forces from it. No matter how many people we have helping us, we'll be outnumbered, but we'll have the advantage of air superiority. It's the one thing we didn't have over Ravemon that we have over these losers.

Unfortunately, it's probably our only advantage. Don't think we can get the drop on them. No matter how well we lock our communications down, Omegamon knows we'll be coming because this is what he was aiming for. He knew there'd be retaliation, and I suspect he knows we'll be gunning to save what people we can. There'll be strong warriors down there, so if you've got any tricks up your sleeves be prepared to whip 'em out.

Because we sure as hell will be.

Lagann and I will personally lead an assault as a distraction. Anyone who wants to come with us can feel free, but we'll need people out there also to lead the villagers to safety. This can be done, but we gotta move hard and we gotta move fast.

Now, the downside... besides the fact you could easily get your ass chopped down out there, anyway.

What we don't have is the numbers so far to liberate all of the villages indicated. Just one or two guys won't be able to pull this off. We're talking about pushing back an entrenched military force and trying to get folks in these towns to safety. It's not a small task, and the Halberd is only one ship.

We've got to do what we can do, though. If you want to roll with us, just say so.

Also - don't worry about the fact DATS hasn't done much yet. At the moment, there's only so much they CAN do without it backfiring on a lot of innocent people. I know these people, and I have faith in them. When they can, they'll be right down there.

For now, then, it's up to the rest of us to do what can be done and hold the line. That starts not with getting our heads blown off, but by saving lives.

Dying for a good cause is admirable, but remember - it's not worth it if you don't accomplish anything in doing so.


I'll say this, as well - I know this can be pulled off, but if any of you guys don't want to head down there, say so. I won't hold it against you, as I sure as hell wouldn't blame you.

I won't make you go, but the Halberd is going.



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