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[A quiet rattle signals the turning on of this accidental video, and after a tiny bit a shaking something stills the table that the D-Comm is currently sitting on, giving a clear view of a certain blonde noble sitting in a sunny window seat, a book in his hands. He's a bit bandaged up here and there, still recovering from assisting with the Dark Area, though he looks otherwise healthy and well.

His partner, the one who knocked in to the table, comes in to view. He watches Ioder turn a few pages silently before clearing his throat.]


[Ioder doesn't respond, continuing to read.]

... hey. Ioder.


[Ioder still doesn't look up, but at least he responded.]

... people are singing.


People are bursting in to song. Kinda random, don't you think?

Oh. No. I'm aware. I heard some of it when I went to the bakery in Neon this morning...

[Ioder turns another page, looking distinctly disinterested. PawnChessmon gives a hefty sigh of irritation and goes to sit on the edge of the window seat.]

Does nothing phase you, kid?

I don't see what's so strange about singing. Music is an enjoyable past time.

Is bursting in to song at random for no reason normal in your world or something?

No, of course not. [another page]

... geez. Never mind. What're you reading that's so damn interesting anyway?

[And the last page is turned, read, and the book closed with a content sigh before Ioder finally answers.]

A wonderful, but terribly sad story. It's about--

Hey, before you get all... booky on me, could you just give me the short version?

A... short version... ?

[Ioder cants his head to the side a bit, turning his head to look out the window. After a short time, he starts to sing...]Cut for YT video )

[By the second chorus, Ioder is on his feet, singing loudly and passionately with the book still in his hand. The song ends, and there's a stretch of silence as PawnChessmon stares at him, and he stares back with a completely innocent expression.]

... you did that on purpose.

Did I? There is a virus going around.

[Ioder smiles a bit more, and if one were to look closely and quickly enough, they might just catch the hint of mischievousness there. He places the book back on the shelf and walks out of the room, picking up his D-Comm on the way out.]

(ooc: Naturally Ioder's voice isn't as deep as the lead singer's voice, so imagination will have to be used a bit here.)
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[From a nearby table, the video clicks on to a certain red robot dicing things on a cutting board, and Bebydomon fluttering around the room. Suddenly, the little digimon starts beatboxing and the sound of cutting becomes part of that beat as Quick bobs his head and taps his foot. Spinning the knife once with ease before scrapping the diced food into a pan, he adds words to the music.]

Read more... )

[Finishing the song, Quick turns to his digimon with a questioning look.]

When'd you learn to do that?

You're just jealous of my bad ass beats!


Jun. 24th, 2012 04:52 pm
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[video comes on, with Touma H. Norstein working in his office, when suddenly, two familiar-looking wizards appear as if out of thin air.]

... What do you two want?

[Wizardmon and Sorcermon look at each other, grinning behind their cowls.]

And that's when the real show begins )

[and then, in spectacular fashion, they both vanish, leaving only a very confused-looking Touma... and a single flashing neon sign:


Touma notices it, and looks like he may faint]

[Blue is Touma
Purple is Wizardmon
Light blue is Sorcermon]
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[The audio clicks on. At first there is just the sound of someone walking through grass but then the music kicks in.]

Every single night
The same arrangement
I go out and fight the fight
Still I always feel
This strange estrangement
Nothing here is real
Nothing here is right.

[The sounds of a scuffle begin.]

I've been making shows of trading blows
Just hoping no one knows
That I've been
Going through the motions
[The sound of something landing hard and the scuffle noise stops. Then there's the sound of a gun being cocked.]
Walking through the part
Nothing seems to penetrate my...
[The shotgun fires.]

I was always brave
And kind of righteous
Now I find I'm wavering
[More scuffling.]
Crawl out of you grave
You find this fight just
Doesn't mean a thing

He ain't got that swing! [A loud thud.]

Thanks for noticing. [Then in three part harmony.]

He does pretty well with fiends from hell
But lately we can tell
That he's just
Going through the motions
[A small rustling sound and then a soft whirling sound.]
Faking it somehow

He's not even half the boy he...oowh. [Thud.]

Will I stay this way forever
Sleepwalk through my life's endeavor

[A sweet and sexy female voice.]
How can I repay-

I dont want to be
Going through the motions
Losing all my drive
I cant even see if this is really me
And I just want to be...
[Another shotgun blast and a thud.]

[There's a silence after the song and the Lombax clears his throat before the audio shuts off.]

((OOC: Roles are as follows; Ratchet, Thug 1, Thugs 1, 2, and 3 singing in harmony, Thug 3, Sexy victim girl.
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[The sun is rising over Neon City and Apollo is sitting on the edge of the roof above the Hyperion's main entrance, looking a little down. Suddenly, he starts to sing.]
Cut for Youtube embed )
[It turns out he's a good singer, so long as the virus is around to bring out his natural talent.]

Huh? Why'd I just sing that?


Jun. 18th, 2012 02:21 am
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Well... Crap. Father's day already and I completely forgot about it.

[Locked to Duo.]

Hey, Duo boy. You wanna go for supper? My dates are all messed up, it seems like. Workin' too much I guess.
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I know I've made my feelings known about the differences between fathers and creators, but who says we can't take over this day for the Doc and make it a creator day. He's not here with us today, but it's always been an honor to be a part of his plans and we owe him so much just for building us and then rebuilding us time and time again.

Also, Metal? This doesn't get said often, but thanks for acting as our makeshift leader. It's not an easy job to take and who knows what we'd do without you.

But enough sappiness! I made cake if you guys want to get together for a bit. You too ninjabutt. You might be batshit crazy, but you're still one of us.


Jun. 17th, 2012 02:40 pm
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So, back where I come from, err...a version of Earth that is. We have a holiday to celebrate Fathers. And like so many holidays from my world it looks like the Digital World carries this one too.

I was adopted when I was just a kid after an accident took my parents from me. The man who took me in was a brave and brilliant scientist named Steve Dayton. While I'll never forget my first father...I can never repay my second father for all he taught me.

Sure he was stiff at times...most of the time...all the time. And he wasn't very good at playing pretend. And I'm pretty sure if he showed up here today he'd probably ask why I'm in my twenties and still playing with action figures and watching cartoons. But he's a good man. A loving husband and the best dad a guy could ask for.

What about the rest of you. Funny dad stories? Touching dad stories?

...wait...that last part sounded bad. You know what I mean! Inspirational or whatever!

Like this one time I tried on Dad's helmet and we accidentally swapped brains. It was totally wild! We ended up having to use each others superpowers to fight this giant monster. It was alot harder then he made it look to have telekinesis and stuff.
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Hey. Hi. Uh.

[Sokka waves, a bandage on his arm. He looks much better than he was a while ago when his shop burned down, and where he's at, it looks like he's gotten a new place of business.]

I saw that post on the network... the one from Omegamon? Yeah. I don't like it... whole thing just sounds bad. Like. "Fire Lord Ozai taking over the world" bad. I heard some people are trying to help but uh...

[he holds up his bandaged arm a little higher]

I can still work, but my sword is hung up until I'm better...


... anyone need new weapons? Or repaired ones? I wanna help, but this is pretty much all I can do.
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Yowane Haku, I need your assistance.

More importantly, I need your clandestine assistance. Before I ask of you what I intend to ask of you - something that will not put you or anyone else at any known risk as long as it remains a secret, and is easily within what I know you're capable of - I need your absolute promise that it remains a secret.

Most specifically, that it remains a secret from DATS - it is imperative that they have plausible deniability for this.
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[The camera comes on to show Elias sitting on a couch in Sonic's living room. He looks to the camera and adjusts his coat.]

I am not sure how to word this so I'll be blunt. I am searching for employment. I need to be able to fend and provide for myself. I am able to do physical labor and I am smart. I also learn quickly and I'm quick on my feet. I'm not really sure about what kind of job I'm looking for, however.

If anyone has an opening in their business I wish to speak with you, if you have the time. And if anyone has any recommendations, that would also be very appreciated. Thank you.

[He reaches for the D-Comm and switches it off.]
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[The D-Comm hits the table and turns on. It's pointing at a couch that Naota flops onto. He's laying face down and a long tan horn has sprouted from the back of his head it looks like. He groans as footsteps approach him and his partner can be heard off-screen.]

Why is it happening again?

I don't know! It just does!

Why are you so mad?

Because all this stuff that's happening is stupid! I don't want to just sit here and do nothing but what am I supposed to do?!

I...I don't know Naota.

[He boy sighs before the horn suddenly starts to grow longer. He gasps and starts to scream as it does. Taser runs onto the screen and tries to grab Naota's shoulder but is shoved away. Suddenly something shoots out of the back of the boy's head. It's blue and tan and flies up into the air. He rolls around just in time for the blue and tan guitar to come down and smack him in the face. He cries out in pain and rolls off the couch. The guitar hits the table and topples it over. The D-Comm hits the floor and turns off.]
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I am Iskandar, the King of Conquerors.

We have all seen Omegamon's announcement. We have also heard from an anonymous source that there are four settlements whose residents we have a chance to save. Simon the Digger is organizing a rescue mission to one of those settlements and many have expressed their intention to join with him. However! Not all who have expressed interest in aiding those settlements have requested to join Simon.

Small squads of two or three acting independently will not be able to succeed in this mission. We must operate in large groups if we are to succeed. Simon the Digger's group will be able to evacuate the residents of one of the settlements. I, Iskandar, intend to evacuate a second settlement. We shall launch simultaneous strikes on the forces defending each settlement, and in the resulting confusion we shall lead the residents to safety! Those who wish to aid me, raise your voices!
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Sooooo... Sulfur Butt [That's Bowser] or Metal or whoever is in charge now.

We actually gonna do anything or just let all the good guys beat each other up or something?

[A pause then.] Cause I am really hoping we're gonna do something, cause I'm getting bored.
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Alright boys and girls, listen up!

My name's Simon. Simon the Digger. I'm Captain of the battleship Halberd, and leader of the Dai-Gurren Brigade. Maybe you've heard of us, maybe you haven't.

Doesn't matter either way, because we've got a job ahead of us. The information on the villages that we'd have the best shot of liberating is legit - trust me.

A few of you have expressed interest in kicking their door down, but it's not going to happen without your heads ending up on mantles over Omegamon's fireplace if we're not organized. This isn't just about kicking ass and taking names, so no matter how good a fighter a single person may be down there, it won't matter for shit if you can't save lives at the same time.

For one of these villages, the Halberd is going to launch a distraction strike to pull Virus Buster forces from it. No matter how many people we have helping us, we'll be outnumbered, but we'll have the advantage of air superiority. It's the one thing we didn't have over Ravemon that we have over these losers.

Unfortunately, it's probably our only advantage. Don't think we can get the drop on them. No matter how well we lock our communications down, Omegamon knows we'll be coming because this is what he was aiming for. He knew there'd be retaliation, and I suspect he knows we'll be gunning to save what people we can. There'll be strong warriors down there, so if you've got any tricks up your sleeves be prepared to whip 'em out.

Because we sure as hell will be.

Lagann and I will personally lead an assault as a distraction. Anyone who wants to come with us can feel free, but we'll need people out there also to lead the villagers to safety. This can be done, but we gotta move hard and we gotta move fast.

Now, the downside... besides the fact you could easily get your ass chopped down out there, anyway.

What we don't have is the numbers so far to liberate all of the villages indicated. Just one or two guys won't be able to pull this off. We're talking about pushing back an entrenched military force and trying to get folks in these towns to safety. It's not a small task, and the Halberd is only one ship.

We've got to do what we can do, though. If you want to roll with us, just say so.

Also - don't worry about the fact DATS hasn't done much yet. At the moment, there's only so much they CAN do without it backfiring on a lot of innocent people. I know these people, and I have faith in them. When they can, they'll be right down there.

For now, then, it's up to the rest of us to do what can be done and hold the line. That starts not with getting our heads blown off, but by saving lives.

Dying for a good cause is admirable, but remember - it's not worth it if you don't accomplish anything in doing so.


I'll say this, as well - I know this can be pulled off, but if any of you guys don't want to head down there, say so. I won't hold it against you, as I sure as hell wouldn't blame you.

I won't make you go, but the Halberd is going.
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Well, well.

These are some curious undertakings of late.

I suppose everything couldn't remain quiet for too long, could it?

What to do with that, though...

Oh yes. This shall be interesting, indeed.
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King Bowser Koopa,

I hear you're in need of willing fighters for your army. My name's Ratchet and I work as a mercenary in times of, usually, galactic...unrest. I was wondering if we could talk about me providing you with my services. I have all my own weapons and ammo and an impressive resume if you need to see it.

[Attached: One resume with summaries of past adventures and mentions of him being in a hit movie once.]

What do you say? Shall we talk business?
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Just when I thought it was safe to be content with stopping muggings and bank robberies.
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Well, we've all seen Omegamon's declaration.

And it sucks. For everyone. The worst part is that we can't do anything about it as an organization. The commanders are still trying to determine our official stance here, but I can tell everyone right now that our hands are tied here. We can't stand against Omegamon, and unlike with Ravemon, it is unlikely that we'll be able to muster the support of Area Leaders to stand against him.

The Dark Area's made a lot of enemies, and even if they hadn't, Omegamon leads the foremost army in the digital world. Nobody else even comes close to him. If anyone moves against him, they get erased from history. It's that simple.

I've put out an independent call to arms. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of information for them, or for you. The invasion down there caught us off guard, and most of our insiders are dead or in the stockade. To say we're hurting for intelligence is an understatement, and we're forming plans for reconnaissance missions. But as of right now, we are more or less blind down there. The only thing I can say for certain is that the Virus Busters stopped at the Poyi Mountains, and King Bowser Koopa's territory expanded until they met the Virus Busters, and now there seems to be some sort of truce between them.

Whatever the case, there are people out there who are not willing to let this state of affairs stand. If you want to join them, go ahead. I'll personally see to it that your paychecks get accounting errors in your favor.

But if you get caught, you are not operating as DATS members. You will be disavowed. And I can't promise that a rescue will be forthcoming.

If you've got any questions... now's the time to ask them. I'll do my best to fill you in.

But... again... we're hurting for intelligence. I don't HAVE a lot of answers for certain questions.
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Tamers who have expressed dismay with the Virus Busters, this post is locked so that only you may see it. If you know of anyone who would be interested in seeing this information, it is incumbent on you to share it.

I cannot reveal myself, as I cannot stand against the Virus Busters. But know that you are not alone in your belief that Omegamon is wrong. The Dark Area is evil, but not all of its citizens are. And none of them deserve to be eliminated because of what they are.

At the present time, there are many settlements in the Dark Area that have fallen to the Virus Busters' occupation. Without help, the inhabitants of those settlements do not have a future ahead of them. Mass cullings have not yet begun, but it is only a matter of time.

[Attached: Map Data for four Dark Area Villages in close proximity to the Poyi Mountains]

At this time, these are the only settlements I know of that need help that are lightly occupied. Any attempt to rescue the Dark Area citizens there will be met with force, and if anyone launches a rescue operation prematurely, future operations in the area will be more difficult. For this reason, I encourage anyone who wants to do anything to coordinate with each other on this post. Those people can be rescued. Take them to Junk City if you're successful. It is probably the only place in the digital world that won't turn away Dark Area Citizens at the present time.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer more assistance. I do not have the intelligence to offer greater overview of the situation. That may change in the future, but for now, this is all that I can do.

Do not allow yourselves to be caught. Omegamon is an extremist demagogue. If he feels there is a concentrated threat to his power and his belief, he WILL respond with overwhelming force.

Good luck.



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